Communications Center

Vital Emergency Medical Services is proud to present a state-of-the-art Communications Center operating 24/7/365.

No other private EMS company in the region has a a call center which parallels the measure of oversight of Vital EMS’ dispatch and communications center.  Computer servers are continuously backed up and saved in a co-location ensuring that a complete customer record is maintained.

Vital’s call center personnel are certified to the Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) level and use the Priority Dispatch System. The emergency medical dispatcher is the principle link between a public caller requesting emergency medical assistance and the emergency medical service (EMS) resource delivery system. As such, the EMD plays a fundamental role in the ability of the EMS system to respond to a perceived medical emergency. With proper training, program administration, supervision, and medical direction, the EMD can accurately query the caller, select an appropriate method of response, provide pertinent information to responders and give appropriate aid and pre-arrival instructions for patients through the caller.

Digitally voice recorded lines are operational 24/7. This allows the customer complete confidence that all communications related to a patient are accessible if needed. Assets are controlled by integrating  FleetEyes technology with our Zoll Data Systems computer aided dispatch software.  “GeoCoding” mapping technology helps us to pinpoint locations without fail. This provides us with an exacting real time view of all Vital field units which allow our communication professionals to accurately ensure that all service requests are answered by the most proximal and  appropriate level  of emergency care technicians.

Customers are given precise response times in emergencies and arrival times for their scheduled events. As part of our process, all pre-scheduled service requests are verified in advance to ensure proper service for our customers. Our keen awareness of the nuances of the health care environment tells us that pre-call verification reduces inappropriate response and enhances on- time performance. Moreover, a locally staffed communications center allows us to be more focused in areas of weather, terrain, and traffic patterns.

Coupling these technologies with our team of seasoned dispatch professionals provides us with the necessary resources to confidently offer enhanced continuity of care and service to our customers.

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