Vital Emergency Medical Services proudly presents its experienced staff as evidence of its unwavering commitment to our customers. Delivering  experience and superb clinical competencies are the underpinnings of our locally managed system.  Each of our professional staff is always well groomed and in complete uniform, as patients feel more secure when administered by a professionally attired staff. It is especially true that the senior population view a professional uniform as a standard of respect.  In the non- emergent medical situations or scheduled medical appointments, a patient may be in an uncertain phase in their life.  We pledge to enhance their comfort by presenting experienced staff, quality equipment, and a professional presence. We know this is true from the many positive comments we receive from  satisfied families. In summation, since the ambulance service often provides a continuation of an experience associated with a health care facility, we are a positive extension of the facility. We hope that our customers continue to see this as another reason for choosing Vital EMS as their clinical partner for patient care and transportation.

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