Activity/Courtesy Bus

Our Activity Bus or “Courtesy Bus” provides our facilities with a resource for their residents and even staff to enjoy extra-curricular activities outside of the health care facility. Our activity bus is able to accommodate various seating configurations of ambulatory and wheelchair persons, up to a maximum of 14 individuals, with a 6 wheelchair maximum and 4 ambulatory persons! This vehicle has a quick release tie-down system for easy access with a lift ramp system capable of handling 650 pounds.

Whether the activities department wishes to bring their residents to a local luncheon or ice cream stand or to see the fall foliage or holiday lights, our activity bus is available for all of our customer requests. So schedule your event, load up the bus, drop in a CD, and enjoy!

This resource may also be utilized, if requested, in the event of a disaster / emergency evacuation situation for mass transit of those not requiring medical monitoring or needing stretcher transportation.

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