Advanced Life Support/Paramedics

Vital Emergency Medical Service Advanced Life Support (ALS) Vehicles provide the most advanced level of medical care available to our patients and facilities outside of a hospital setting. Our experienced ALS teams deliver the region’s most advanced care and on a daily basis provide 9-1-1 back-up service for the City of Worcester’s emergency provider UMass Memorial Health Care.  Vital Emergency Medical Service Paramedics work under the direction of  UMass Memorial emergency medical control physicians, exercising independent clinical judgment, while utilizing advanced diagnostic tools to help identify medical emergencies and to administer the appropriate treatment. Our ALS vehicles are equipped with GPS Navigation Systems to ensure an immediate and appropriate response, allowing for the most efficient means of providing reliable, high-quality, pre-hospital emergency care. Our ALS personnel average more than 10 years of experience working at the Paramedic Level. We are fortunate to be a preferred provider for the UMass Memorial Neonatal ICU.

Vital EMS’ personnel are trained to provide superior advanced medical care. In addition to those basic and enhanced skills normally provided, advanced life support personnel provide highly developed patient assessments, peripheral intravenous cannulation, administration of medications, intravenous infusion pump utilization, blood glucometry, advanced airway management including intubation and ventilator monitoring & management, pulse oximetry, needle chest decompression, needle cricothyrotomy, intraosseous cannulation and infusion, defibrillation/cardio-version, ECG rhythm/arrhythmia recognition with treatment and external trans cutaneous pacing. Vital EMS is certified for the CPAP and ventilator-dependent patient as well.

All Vital Emergency Medical Service Paramedics are trained and certified to the Specialty Care Transport level, allowing Vital Emergency Medical Service to routinely transport patients of critical status at an advanced scope of practice with medications and equipment not  routinely initiated or used at the Paramedic level.

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