Basic Life Support

Our Basic Life Support (BLS) Vehicles provide fundamental emergency and non-emergency transportation. Our personnel are trained to evaluate a patient’s condition and to provide the highest level of pre-hospital medical care to those who are ill or injured.

Our EMT’s are trained to evaluate and maintain a patient’s airway, breathing and circulation. They are trained to provide CPR and defibrillation when necessary, control external bleeding, prevent shock, and prevent further injury or disability by immobilizing potential spinal or other bone fractures, while expediting the safe and timely transport of the patient to a hospital emergency department for definitive medical care.

Vital Emergency Medical Service EMT’s are trained to administer life saving medications such as auto-injector Epinepherine, activated charcoal, glucose, and high flow oxygen. They understand physicians orders and may assist patients with taking prescribed medications such as inhalers, nebulized breathing treatments, nitroglycerin and baby aspirin. Our Basic Life Support staff, when indicated, provide pulse oximetry, glucometry, and albuterol treatment protocol. These protocols are not required at the BLS level but demonstrate Vital’s continued pledge to deliver high quality services to our patients.

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